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Golden Energy Offshore picks Inmarsat’s three-in-one Fleet LTE

Golden Energy Offshore Golden Energy Offshore's Energy Empress
Offshore vessel owner Golden Energy Offshore has signed up to Inmarsat’s Fleet LTE connectivity solution.

Instead of manually switching between LTE and VSAT services depending on location, Fleet LTE will allow three Golden Energy vessels to automatically switch between Fleet Xpress (Ka-band), FleetBroadband (L-band), and 4G coverage, depending on the strongest available signal.

Energy Duchess, Energy Empress and Energy Swan will have 4G connectivity integrated into its systems at upcoming scheduled port calls.

Per Ivar Fagervoll, CEO, Golden Energy Offshore said: “[Fleet LTE] will enhance crew welfare by supporting day-to-day needs such as banking and keeping in contact with families. It will support data-intensive activities such as video conferencing, replication, and real-time data transfer.”

The connectivity upgrade will also help in its plans to progress to remote inspections and equipment services, he added.

“Vessel data consumption in the offshore space is doubling every 18 months,” said Eric Griffin, VP of Offshore and Fishing, Inmarsat Maritime. “Costs can be hard to control when connectivity services are billed separately, while manual switchovers can mean suboptimal signals or service interruptions. Inmarsat Fleet LTE’s ability to ensure that network capacity is at its highest and latency at its lowest continuously delivers a competitive advantage to corporate and independent operators alike.”