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Jan Holm from offshore drilling to nuclear power barges

Photo: Maersk Drilling JAN HOLM 035.jpg
Jan Holm
Jan Holm, head of Maersk Drilling in Singapore, is switching from traditional offshore oil and gas to nuclear power barges with Seaborg Technologies.

Holm is joining Danish company Seaborg to head its activities in Southeast Asia as the company opens its second overseas office.

Seaborg is developing a fourth-generation compact molten salt reactor (CMSR) which it aims to deploy on floating power barges. It is working with shipyards to bring the power barge to market by 2026.

"Jan is an excellent hire for us. With his vast experience operating in Singapore, high business acumen, and heavy maritime knowledge, we have the right guy to lead our new office in Singapore. We are keen on expanding our business activities in the region and within a short timeline bringing our floating CMSR nuclear power barge to market," said CEO Troels Schönfeldt.

Southeast Asia is seen by Seaborg as an ideal market for the reactors given its strong economic growth and challenging geography for developing other renewable energy sources.

"I am thrilled to be part of this strong-willed team and excited to play my role in the journey ahead. The world needs nuclear, and not at least in the maritime sector, to produce next-generation green fuels, said Holm, EVP at Seaborg. 

The first power barges being developed by Seaborg will have two reactors installed, delivering 2 x 100 MW-electric for the 24-year lifetime of the power barge. The aim is for serial production of the barges by shipyards.

Small-scale nuclear options using MSR reactors are seeing growing traction from investors in the search for sustainable energy solutions to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.



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