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Could Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti race a Kalmar terminal tractor?

Photo: Wikipedia Commons 1280px-DarioFranchittiMay2007Practice.jpg
Fancy watching three-times Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti race a Kalmar terminal tractor?

Franchitti is an advisor to self-driving vehicle company Coast Autonomous who have partnered with Kalmar to speed up the development of robotic solutions for cargo handling ports.

Posting a video on Twitter at the weekend of the Kalmar RoboTractor being tested in North Carolina Franchitti congratulated Coast Autonomous on the tie-up and also challenged fellow Scottish racing driver, and three-times Le Mans 24 hour winner, Allan McNish, to a race in a terminal tractor.

“I have never driven a terminal tractor… but reckon I could do it better than @allanmcnish. Anyone feel a competition coming on!!!” Franchitti posted.

Kalmar has a test track in Ottawa, Kansas, which we think would make an ideal location for a fun publicity stunt. If the racing would be somewhat slower than both drivers are used to – terminal tractors have top speeds of around just 40km/h.