Crowley inaugurates Puerto Rico LNG facility

Photo: Crowley crowley_LNG_terminal.jpg
Crowley has inaugurated an LNG loading facility in Puerto Rico.

The new facility will allow operators to load LNG onto 10,000-gallon ISO containers for over-the-road transport to customer facilities around the island. The facility will be able to deliver more than 94m gallons of LNG annually.

The inauguration of the LNG facility was attended by Crowley Chairman and CEO Tom Crowley featured remarks from Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi, and Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner in Washington DC, Jenniffer González-Colon

“We continue to expand our capacity and investment in Puerto Rico with the opening of this special facility, which enhances Crowley’s LNG capabilities across diverse industries,” said Crowley.

“Our LNG solutions allow industrial and commercial clients to plan, monitor and produce their own energy while protecting their business from potential threats such as power outages or natural disasters.”

“As Puerto Rico moves forward on its quest to transform its dated and fragile electric generation system into a first-class energy network, the use of alternative and transitional fuels like LNG will be critically important in helping build resiliency and reliability into the system,” said Governor Pedro Pierluisi.

Crowley has been one of the first movers in using LNG as a marine fuel in North America.


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