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In Focus: Mobile Harbour Cranes with Liebherr

Mobile harbour cranes are a flexible and essential component of port operations; in this episode of the Seatrade Maritime Podcast, we explore the history and evolution of the mobile harbour crane and its applications.

The conversation between Sebastian Simon, product manager for port equipment at Liebherr, and Seatrade Maritime correspondent Gary Howard looks at the types of cargo and vessels served by mobile harbour cranes, and how they fit into the wider port equipment ecosystem.

Sebastian speaks about some of the features Liebherr has developed for its mobile harbour cranes to meet changing customer demands such as larger ship sizes, and the role regulation has played in advancing crane technology.

The discussion also looks to the future, with the increasing use of e-drives in mobile harbour cranes and the challenges in developing remote control solutions for mobile cranes compared to their static relatives at the quayside.

Tune in to learn more about mobile harbour cranes, the role they play in ports and what the future holds for the development of the crane technology. 

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