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Bateman Manufacturing announces shipment of 50th 10 yard Grapple

Bateman Manufacturing announces shipment of 50th 10 yard Grapple

Bateman Manufacturing located in Ontario, Canada has just released their 50th 10 yard Ships Gear Grapple to its final destination in Ecuador. This 50th grapple is 1 of 3 that has been shipped to Ecuador this August. This is a huge achievement for Bateman, who released its first 10yd Grapple back in 2002, and everyone involved in the sale, design and production of this grapple is very excited about this accomplishment.

Bateman's 10 yard ships gear grapple is the first of its kind! It is a massive self-contained ship loading crane attachment that weighs over 26,000 lbs. This revolutionary attachment has transformed the ship loading method by moving material in a fraction of the time as previous methods. Due to the success of the 10 yd. Ships Gear Grapple, Bateman has recently introduced the 6 yd. Trimming Grapple to the line of ship loading attachments. This grapple is similar to the 10 yd. grapple, just smaller in stature. This allows the grapple to easily maneuver material (trim material) into and around the inside of the ships.

Bateman is confident in the future growth and expansion of both the 10 yard Ships Gear Grapples and in its line of ship loading attachments. They hope to increase their customer base for 10 yd. Grapples both locally and internationally, as well as continuing to meet the needs of their current customers and provide them with all the unmatched product support Bateman is known for. Today, Bateman's 10 yd. Ships Gear Grapples can be seen at ports all throughout Canada and United States, as well as in Mexico, the Netherlands and now Ecuador.

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