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ecoTAURuS to speed up and optimise the loading and unloading process in Multi-Modal Terminals

ecoTAURuS to speed up and optimise the loading and unloading process in Multi-Modal Terminals

Inlecom Systems Ltd (Inlecom), the transport and logistics research and innovation company, has launched ecoTAURuS, the innovative e-transport solution for real time truck – terminal collaboration and planning of actions. The new service has been designed specifically to speed up and optimise the loading and unloading process in multi-modal terminals and has been supported via the European FP7 Research and Development EcoHubs project.

ecoTAURuS delivers a service that allows stakeholders around a group of terminals to increase their effectiveness and optimize their operations through the seamless integration of truck appointments systems and the consolidation of unit status data from multiple sources. The system is suitable for terminal and intermodal operators, trucking companies, truckers, and dispatchers. The service is also bundled with complementary security, environmental and marketing services depending on the type of terminal or port.

ecoTAURuS has been designed and configured to run on smart mobile phones and belongs to a new breed of terminal software services which can be seamlessly integrated with  back office systems, able to connect and exchange information with systems regardless if these are made of Legacy or Web 2.0 enabled technologies. At the same time, ecoTAURuS supports both process efficiency and environmental improvements. 

As part of the roll-out of ecoTAURuS, Inlecom Systems is offering a six month free trial period and additional benefits for new subscribers to the service.

To ensure its effective functionality in real-world situations, ecoTAURuS was conceived and built based on the requirements of terminal operators IFB & Adria Kombi and provides unit order management, integration with multiple terminal and other systems, trip order management, trucker mobile interface, automated incident notifications, information exchange/authentication and measurement.

ecoTAURuS delivers benefits for both terminals and trucking operators including optimized terminal operations, improved synchronisation between truck and rail scheduling, improved terminal customer experience, low cost, easy to use information sharing, improved terminal public image, reduced CO2 emissions optimized Trucking Operations and improved control and customer Service.

The overarching EcoHubs project is also developing a range of complimentary services to ecoTAURuS, which are driven by leading European intermodal terminal operators. All these services will be made available through the EcoHubs Ecosystem delivering common innovations including business innovations, technology innovations and capacity building. The EcoHubs infrastructure also supports the implementation of innovative Value Added Services by enabling the configuration and setup of applications, integrating specialised components for end user functionality delivery, data exchanges and information provision. The infrastructure is highly flexible acting as a network enabler and solution provider at a fraction of the cost of older technologies allowing terminals to upgrade their systems and SMEs to join the digital economy.

The ports of Patras, Alexandroupolis and Piraeus have already signed-up for trials.

Mr Antypas, Head, Department of Studies, Technical Works and Environment of the Patras Port Authority (Port of Patras – PPA) says ‘With the construction of the New (Southern) Port and other developments in the PPA port terminals, PPA plays a key role in the multimodal transport chain  of the South-east European Corridor. We are looking to further improve efficiency and environmental friendliness and the EcoTAURuS System complies well with our needs. The truck appointment and planning system for the port, fulfils our requirements and most importantly comes with tools that enable customisation of and integration with existing systems.  The EcoTAURuS System has important technological innovations that will improve our productivity and our environmental footprint significantly.

Mr Pogkas of the Port of Alexandroupolis, explains ‘a small port such as PoA needs to maximise capacity utilization. When a vessel arrives in the port we need to synchronise the downstream supply chain in order for the transit operations to take place more efficiently and the cargo to be seamlessly unloaded to trains or trucks. The limited port space (both seaside and landside) requires advanced capacity planning, quick vessel turnaround, synchronized (un)loading and improved synchronization between modes.

EcoTaurus and the EcoHubs Ecosystem offer an ideal solution for us as investment for large expensive solutions is impossible considering the current economic environment. The EcoHubs suite offers an advanced technological solution for a fraction of the costs required to achieve the same productivity levels with traditional systems.

Mr Papayiannopoulos, Port Security Officer for the Port of Piraeus Authority, explains how EcoTaurus will help the fastest growing port in Europe tackle productivity issues and environmental footprint reduction: “The port currently faces challenges in terms of security improvements and environmental performance. Our intention is to trial EcoTaurus with a new Access control system relying on advanced information for trucks and cargo. In particular EcoTaurus will help us reduce truck traffic from the congested port perimeter, better utilise truck availability, reduce emissions from congestion, and, reduce nuisance for citizens”.

Mr Koliousis, Managing Director of the Koliousis Logistics Services and former Secretary General of the Hellenic Union of Road Transport Companies, confirms the value expected from implementing the EcoTaurus system. He explains that: “the economic situation reduced the truck productivity, primarily due to the empty runs. However, improved visibility over a network of EcoTaurus users, will improve the truck planning and assignment and will help boost our productivity thus reducing the truck carbon footprint. However, the important driver into selecting the EcoTaurus has been its easy to use, intuitive, smartphone interface, which is ready to be used by our drivers with minimal operational disruption and minimum training.”

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