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Ingeteam Power Technology Marine in contract with BP

Ingeteam Power Technology Marine in contract with BP


Ingeteam Power Technology S.A. Marine has obtained an order for the supply of the Electrical System, including Electrical Propulsion and Automation System, for a sophisticated vessel belonging to the ship-owner BP (British Petroleum). The construction of the ship will start in the shipyard Keppel Singmarine in Singapore and will end in the shipyard Keppel Singmarine in Baku (Azerbaijan). In addition to the supply of all equipment, the services integration, development of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Commissioning is also included in the aforementioned supply.

The SCV Subsea Construction Vessel, of 155 metres in length will carry out installation work structures underwater between 2017 and 2027, acting in the Shah Deniz oilfield, in the area of Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea.

It includes a dynamic positioning DP3 system which allows you to work with waves of up to 2.5 m height. It also has a 750 ton crane for operations under water up to 600 meters, a diving system that allows operating to 18 divers and two ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles).

It is a very sophisticated vessel because it uses a positioning system DP3 type. From the electrical point of view it is a ship with high technological content since it incorporates Electrical Propulsion consists of:

-Two azimuth thrusters driven by Electrical motors of 3,700 kW, controlled by Frequency Converters.

-A retractable thrusters powered by a 3,000 kW Electrical motor, controlled by two Frequency Converters.

-Two tunnel thrusters powered by Electrical motors of 3,100 kW, controlled by Frequency Converters.

-A tunnel thruster powered by a 1,500 kW Electrical motor, controlled by two frequency converters.

The electrical generation of the vessel will be performed by 6 alternators of 4,200 kW and 2 alternator of 3,350 kW, generating a voltage of 6.6 kV.

The main 6.6 kV switchboard will be responsible for distributing the voltage for all consumers.

Integrated Automation system (INGESHIP IAS) fully redundant will perform the tasks of control and monitoring of the Electrical systems of the ship, controlling up to 10,000 signals.

INGESHIP PMS (Power Management System) will be responsible for managing the Electrical Generation and will be integrated in the Automation System of the ship.

The Automation System will be equipped with a remote access (INGESHIP RAS) for control and maintenance of equipment, via Internet.  

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