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VTS Radar successes for Kelvin Hughes in Australia

VTS Radar successes for Kelvin Hughes in Australia

Kelvin Hughes, the world leader in the design and supply of navigation and surveillance systems, is delighted to announce that it has won a number of Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Radar System contracts with Australian Maritime Systems Ltd. which is the leading VTS supplier in Australia.

All of these contracts involve the supply of SharpEye SBS-800 radars with enhanced pulse compression and Doppler processing. One of the latest in a long line of industry firsts from Kelvin Hughes, the SharpEye radar system, available in both X and S band frequencies, represents a radical and innovative departure from current maritime radar technology. The radar has no magnetron and uses a coherent transmission, making it capable of separating small targets from clutter due to their differing radial velocity components. The benefits this brings in terms of safer shipping operations, together with its very low through-life costs, account for the growing demand for SharpEye.

Wheatstone Offshore gas processing platform: Kelvin Hughes was contracted to supply two SharpEye Upmast transceiver X-Band radars with the innovative Kelvin Hughes low profile antennas that reduce windage as part of a system designed to protect what is set to be Australia’s largest offshore platform.

Radar for Onslow LNG Terminal: In addition to the offshore system, the Wheatstone project also encompasses an onshore VTS system, focusing on the monitoring and management of traffic at an LNG terminal to be constructed near Onslow, Western Australia. As with the Wheatstone platform, Kelvin Hughes has supplied  SharpEye Upmast transceiver X-Band radars with a Kelvin Hughes low profile antenna.

Radar for Port of Darwin: To ensure safe operations at the Port of Darwin, which is Australia’s closest port to SE Asia and over 18 times the size of Sydney Harbour, a VTS system is being installed for which Kelvin Hughes was contracted to supply two SharpEye Upmast transceiver X-Band radars and low profile antennas. 

Radar for Port of Dampier: The Port of Dampier, located in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia, is the world’s second largest bulk export port and also a major port for rig tenders servicing the offshore gas fields. A 60% increase in marine traffic over the last 10 years has led to the installation of a new VTS centre for which Kelvin Hughes has supplied two SharpEye Upmast transceiver X-Band radars both with their low profile antennas.

Robert Kleist, Kelvin Hughes’ Head of Sales for the ASEAN region, commented: “This succession of contract wins is highly gratifying for us as it highlights the superiority of the SharpEye radar system when it comes to protecting shipping and demonstrates the range of our global reach.”

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