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ABS, SDARI to develop 3D model-based class process

Alex Mit/Shutterstock ship.jpg
ABS and Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI) have signed a joint development project (JDP) to pioneer 3D model-based class process.

The JDP is expected to develop a process for ingesting SDARI 3D models into class supporting software to allow 3D model-based class reviews, helping to streamline the class process.

“Together, ABS and SDARI are designing the next generation of classification. We are exploring how to move beyond paper-based models for review into a digital future which not only offers a streamlined process but enhanced safety for the industry,” said Dan Cronin, ABS vice president, standards and digital class.

Lu Li, vice president of SDARI, commented: “Model-based design is the future of ship design, and SDARI has been working on the integrated 3D design platform for over 10 years and is completely prepared for diving into 3D design mode.”

ABS said the JDP will help to advance its class review process to accommodate fully digital design methods, building on a recent pilot project using 3D digital models for class surveys.