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Live from Posidonia

`I will stand by Greek shipping through every battle’, says Greek PM

Photo: Posidonia Posidonia2024_Opening Ceremony_Photo 030624.jpg
Kyriakos Mitsotakis pledged his support for the maritime industry during the opening of Posidonia 2024 in Athens.

It was standing room only for the official opening of Posidonia 2024, where the Greek Prime Minister  Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Melina Travlos, President of the Union of Greek Shipowners, gave keynote addresses to a room brimming with representatives of the global shipping industry.

 “There is no doubt that the field that you lead is facing changes that will determine the future or maritime transport. I want you to know that I will stand by your side in every battle that the Greek shipping industry will fight in order to enhance this value chain, which is centred on our country: from the green transition to safe ports and from the rejuvenation of Greek shipyards to the infusion of our workforce with the skills that developments impel,” said Mitsotakis.

“At a time when Europe is seeking to define the concept of strategic autonomy, the time has come for it to understand that shipping, European shipping, Greek shipping which constitutes the most significant force within European shipping, will play a crucial role in this strategic autonomy.”

Travlos said: “Shipping is the backbone of humanity. It guarantees the survival, the subsistence, and the prosperity of the global community under any circumstances. A reality that has been so for millennia, but without true recognition of its profoundness and significance.”

She spoke after a Union of Greek Shipowners video explored the potential consequences on industry and society in the event the shipping industry stopped moving, bringing food shortages, energy blackouts, and event social collapse.

Theodore Vokos, Managing Director, Posidonia Exhibitions S.A., said: “We often refer to the achievements of our industry as ‘the miracle of Greek shipping’. It is tempting to do so when one tries to understand how a small nation of 12 million people can be home to the largest and most modern fleet in the world - over six thousand ocean going vessels, tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, and others, trading around the globe and keeping the world economy ticking.

“This ‘miracle’ originates in our country’s seafaring traditions, going back thousands of years, utilising the flexibility of the Greek family business and allowing innovation to grow while looking at a world without borders.”

 “As organisers of Posidonia, we are proud that through our exhibition, the sporting and social events and the many conferences and seminars, we are showcasing the achievements of shipping and the benefits it brings to Greece and to the wider world.”

Posidonia 2024 runs from June 3-7 and is the biggest in the biennial event’s 60-year history, with over 2,000 exhibitors from 82 countries and 23 national pavilions. More than 40,000 participants are expected during the week.