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Jan Dieleman elected chair of Global Maritime Forum

Photo: Global Maritime Forum cargillgmf.jpg
The Global Maritime Forum has elected a new chairman and three new members to its board of directors.

Jan Dieleman was elected chairman as Peter Stokes retired; Lynn Loo, Semiramis Paliou and Rajesh Unni joined the board.

Dieleman is president of Ocean Transportation at Cargill and an active voice in the maritime decarbonisation space.

“I am honored to accept the role as Chairman of the Global Maritime Forum. Peter has made great strides in helping the forum become an impactful organization that not only drives change but addresses the key challenges we face as an industry today,” said Dieleman.

Stokes served since the formation of GMF in 2017.

GMF CEO thank Stokes for his service. “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Peter for his support and guidance during these first five years of growth and development of the Global Maritime Forum. Right from the outset, Peter has shared our profound belief in collaboration across the industry and collective action as the key to long-term impact and sustainable change. Peter has been a steady hand and a source of sage advice throughout his time as Chairman,” said Christensen.

New board appointee Lynn Loo is CEO of the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation, fellow newcomer Semiramis Paliou is CEO of Diana Shipping, and Captain Rajesh Unni is founder and Chief CEO of Synergy Group.

“I am pleased that Lynn, Semiramis and Unni have accepted to join the Board of Directors. They each bring unique and important perspectives as well as a deep understanding and appreciation for the collective challenges we face as an industry, thus contributing to the Global Maritime Forum’s ability to bring positive change for our community, the industry and society,“ said Dieleman.

The GMF board now comprises Jan Dieleman, vice chairman Randy Chen, Anthony S. Papadimitriou, Christine Loh, Claus V. Hemmingsen, Lynn Loo, Michael Parker, Oivind Lorentzen III, Rajesh Unni, and Semiramis Paliou.  

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