Bringing some cheer to seafarers at anchor in Singapore

Photo: MtSS Shipside deliveries July21 (002).jpg
The Mission to Seafarers Singapore (MtSS) has been able to bring some cheer to seafarers onboard vessels at anchor in Singapore by delivering gift packs.

Current Covid-19 restrictions have made contact with seafarers difficult, however, adhering to strict safety measures MtSS has been able to distribute gift packs supplied by the Singapore Maritime Officers Union (SMOU) to 20 vessels at anchor in Singapore waters. The packs were brought onboard using a line from the vessel.

MtSS chaplain, Toh Soon Kok, commented, "In such difficult times it has been a joy and a privilege to be able to deliver these gift packs ship-side to seafarers and to let them know they are constantly in our thoughts and prayers."

The MtSS team involved are fully vaccinated and also part of the rostered testing programme.

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