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Rapid growth in Saudi ports sector

Seatrade Maritime Coverage Cloud team talks to Sheikh Yousef Saleh Naghi, Chairman at Naghi Marine about the company's past and present, the impact the growth of ports in Saudi Arabia had on the company's operations, and future opportunities.

Why was Naghi Marine Established and what services does it provide?

My father, God bless his soul, recognisef the importance of ports and sea ports. The Naghi family, in every sector, every business we manage, we always try to deliver the best in service and quality and everything. Hamdullah, we proved ourself over the years since 1911. So my father, God bless his soul wanted to enter this business. So he wanted to be a part of every business success, even if we are playing a very small role, but still, our service quality of consistency and accuracy and efficiency makes us on top of what we do.

How has the major growth in Saudi Ports impacted your business operations?

Due to the growth we've all witnessed, especially in recent years, there has been rapid growth in Saudi Arabia. There has been an increase of more than 16% compared to last year and this only means that we have, inshallah, more opportunities and our business will grow.

What will the rapid expansion in container throughput mean for your business?

To be honest, it will bring more challenge and more opportunities. And of course, we will be looking for expanding our business more and more.

Where do you see future opportunities in your sector?

In our business, there are a couple like green energy, newer technologies and solutions and things that no other companies can provide. We will be exclusive.

Why is it important to have an event like Saudi Maritime Congress in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia today is growing rapidly, all over, and it's becoming one of the most important countries. We are as a Naghi family, we are patriots, and we really want to be a part of the economy of Saudi, part of and the growth, and anything that we can add in value to our country, we will do it.