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Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions enhance asset performance and support business growth

Since the start of the economic downturn, finding cost-saving opportunities while optimising efficiency and performance has emerged as one of the most critical challenges facing the global maritime industry. Technology has, of course, been imperative in finding solutions to such challenges - but so too has been the role of data.

The collection, analysis and measurement of data has become more important than ever for ship owners – and if the subsequent findings are used intelligently, can deliver a mired of benefits.

Having access to data can substantially streamline efficiencies and enhance growth. Naturally, ship owners using technologies driven by data have seen greater productivity, efficiency and cost saving.

Wärtsilä Lifecycle Solutions is a perfect illustration of how data can dramatically increase both asset performance and efficiency for ship owners. Through remote connectivity, Wärtsilä can collect data directly from the ship, which gives the opportunity for data to be analysed by experts in Wärtsilä Expertise centres in real-time.

Of course, optimisation doesn’t happen overnight – it requires the consolidation and analysis of data from daily operations over a period of time to ensure analysis is both meaningful and useful. Wärtsilä Lifecycle Solutions is able to support this requirement through dedicated expert teams, based in several expertise centres around the world. These experts can create dynamic strategies that support the ongoing optimisation and improvement of a fleet – and also improve overall performance.

Such data can be used to improve operational reliability, which is demonstrated through Wärtsilä Guaranteed Asset Performance Solution. Measured data allows performance targets to be accurately determined, and Wärtsilä can guarantee that these targets are reached and maintained through measurable indicators. The agreed targets are reached through automated key performance measurements, optimised maintenance and remote advisory. With remote advisory, ship owners receive real-time support, regardless of location. Condition monitoring and audits, together with a performance improvement plan, increase availability and reliability.

Access to data is critical when it comes to measuring the operation of marine and offshore assets – and in turn, ensuring that ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP) measures are in compliance with MARPOL regulation and in line with IMO guidelines. Wärtsilä Optimised Operations Lifecycle Solution uses data to optimise operations by offering real-time monitoring and advisory services that, in turn, maximise efficiency. Hull performance and engine efficiency can both be measured and when combined with vessel audits and component condition evaluation, can identify areas in which performance can be enhanced.

Of course, asset performance and operation optimisation are just two areas of ship management that data proves its worth - it can also reap rewards when preventing the unexpected. For example, data has the ability to optimise maintenance intervals, as demonstrated through Wärtsilä’s Optimised Maintenance Lifecycle Solution.

Through its Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMPTM) concept, Wärtsilä can offer remote operational and technical advisory, whenever and wherever required. The solution enables planning and scheduling maintenance procedures to suit specific business operations, improving long-term cost predictability and uptime.

Such strategies, which are based on the initial collection, analysis and intelligent use of data, allow Wärtsilä Lifecycle Solutions’ to deliver guaranteed asset performance; improved fuel efficiency and operational reliability to ship owners, globally. In turn, this drives a safer working environment for seafarers; increased cost savings and more accurate performance target forecasting – which cumulatively allows personnel more time to focus on delivering the core business model.

If you’re looking to utilise the power of data for performance optimisation, visit Wärtsilä Lifecycle Solutions for more information.

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