Yangzijiang Shipbuilding orders dual fuel engines from Hudong Heavy Machinery

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Photo: Yangzijiang/Hudong Yangzijiang Hudong Heavy industry_.jpg
Hudong Heavy Machinery signed a contract with Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding for the manufacture of two plus eight WinGD 7X52DF engines and LNG gas supply systems.

The engines and gas supply systems will be used for the 690feu dual fuel power vessels that Yangzijiang Shipbuilding constructed for Greathorse International Ship Management.

The low-speed dual fuel WinGD 7X52DF engines, designed by Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD), 100% owned by CSSC, will be manufactured by Hudong Heavy Machinery, while the LNG gas supply system will be fully designed and manufactured by Hudong Heavy Machinery.

WinGD X-DF dual fuel engine is a major product of CSSC Marine Power, a subsidiary of CSSC, which has received 341 units of the WinGD X-DF engine orders so far.

CSSC Hudong Heavy Machinery is a WinGD licensee since 1995, focusing on engines with bore sizes between 48 and 70 cm.

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