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US Congress passes bill to prevent national rail strike

Photo: Unsplash View of US Capitol building
US Congress has acted to avert the threat rail strike which could have crippled US supply chains.

On 1 December, the US Senate passed a bill that would prevent a potential strike by railroad workers. It requires the labour unions to accept the terms of a deal approved earlier- without the paid sick leave that remained a sticking point.

The bill imposes a tentative deal agreed back in September ahead of a votes by members of 13 different unions.

In a statement President Biden pledged to sign the bill as soon as it reached it his desk. 

On the issue of paid sick leave for rail workers President Biden commented: “I have long been a supporter of paid sick leave for workers in all industries – not just the rail industry – and my fight for that critical benefit continues.”

Biden believes the impact of a rail strike would have beeb too great to allow it to happen. “I know that many in Congress shared my reluctance to override the union ratification procedures. But in this case, the consequences of a shutdown were just too great for working families all across the country. And, the agreement will raise workers’ wages by 24%, increase health care benefits, and preserve two person crews.”

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