Amogy and MHI complete feasibility study on ammonia cracking for shipping

Photo: Mitsubishi Shipbuilding AGAS.jpeg
Hydrogen as a pilot fuel and ammonia cracking for hydrogen fuel cells were explored in a collaboration between MHI and Amogy.

Ammonia-to-power company Amogy and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group subsidiary Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (MSB) have completed a feasibility study into the applications of their ammonia technologies in the maritime industry.

The study explored the use of Amogy’s ammonia-cracking technology and the Mitsubishi Ammonia Supply and Safety System (MAmmoSS). Ammonia cracking is the process of producing hydrogen from ammonia, and MAmmoSS comprises an ammonia fuel supply system and ammonia gas abatement system to handle excess ammonia gas.

Two concepts were tested for feasibility, a power train using ammonia cracking to provide fuel for a hydrogen fuel cell on ships, and a hydrogen supply facility for providing hydrogen as pilot fuel to an ammonia-fuelled engine.

MHI America and Mitsubishi Corporation are investors in Amogy after joining its series B-2 round in June 2023.

Amogy is exploring the use of its technology with efuels through a memorandum of understanding with Infinium, another company MHI has invested in.