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Klaveness signs $7m green upgrade package deal for combination carriers

KCC Silverstream_KCC.png
Klaveness Combination Carriers (KCC) has agreed efficiency upgrade packages for two of its combination carriers, with options to retrofit a further nine vessels.

One CABU II and one CLEANBU class vessel due for scheduled dry docking in 2023 will have Silverstream air lubrication systems installed, along with WE Tech Solutions shaft generators. The agreements for both systems include options for installation on a further nine ships, something Engebret Dahm, CEO of KCC said the company intends to do.

The ships’ retrofit package will also include a Becker Marine Mewis Duct, silicone antifouling and welding seam fairing.

The two-year retrofit of the KCC combination carrier fleet will begin in 2023, and is part of a broad retrofit programme that will cut KCC vessels’ CO2 emissions by up to 40% per tonne-mile.

Silverstream’s system generates bubbles which flow along the bottom of a ship’s hull, reducing friction between the hull and water. The project has resulted in a system Silverstream says is suitable for any standard tanker and bulk carrier around the same size. WE Tech’s shaft generator generates electricity from the rotation of the propellor shaft, which will be used to power the Silverstream system and other ship systems.

KCC said the project costs for the two vessels across design and installation total around $7m, which will be met in part by $1m support from the Norwegian government’s low emission society enterprise Enova.

Engebret Dahm, CEO of KCC, said: “The contracts concluded with Silverstream Technologies and WE Tech Solutions are important milestones in KCC’s energy efficiency program, this will deliver sizable cuts in carbon emissions from KCC’s fleet over the next years and further strengthen our lead as the lowest carbon shipping provider in the dry bulk and tanker markets.”

Noah Silberschmidt, Founder & CEO of Silverstream Technologies, said: “We are delighted to sign this deal with KCC and begin work to retrofit our technology across its fleet. KCC has a strong and well-deserved reputation for being a sustainability leader and a genuinely green-minded innovator, and we are confident that our system will help to boost these credentials even further.”

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