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Log-In Logística chooses Nautilus Labs to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

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Brazil-based Log-In Logistica Intermodal is partnering with Nautilus Labs for reductions in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, optimised operations, and successful digital adoption across the latter’s organisation.

Nautilus’s solution was initially implemented on two container vessels of Log-In’s liner fleet that must adhere to strict ETAs. Both vessels leveraged Nautilus to maintain their ETAs, using just-in-time arrival. With Nautilus’s machine learning-based dynamic operating recommendations, the vessels were able to reduce engine output while maintaining a similar speed over ground.

“We chose to partner with Nautilus with the goals of streamlining and unifying vessel data, achieving quantifiable fuel savings and reduced emissions, and increasing transparency and collaboration among internal stakeholders. We were looking for a solution that allows our operations team and masters to make data-driven decisions to optimise vessel operations and adhere to strict ETAs,” said Flavio Gonçalves, Operations Manager at Log-In Logística Intermodal.

Across both vessels and over 439 optimised sailing days, Log-In reduced fuel consumption and cut emissions by 3.12%. The companies have since expanded their partnership across Log-In’s fleet of seven container liners and expect to see substantial gains in value through Nautilus’s fleet-wide efficiency solutions.

“The partnership helped us drive internal behaviour change with great results: Nautilus is more than another platform; they integrate into our existing workflows. Nautilus enabled a smooth transition by quickly demonstrating results…They have transformed the way we operate and are an integral partner on our path towards innovation and improved sustainability,” commented Gonçalves.

“We pride ourselves on partnering closely with clients and being attuned to their needs and workflows so that the solutions we create fit into their businesses, and to ensure that the process of getting buy-in from internal stakeholders goes more smoothly,” added Diana Gray, VP, Client Success at Nautilus Labs.

Log-In Logística Intermodal’s operations focus on creating integrated logistics solutions for cargo handling in coastal shipping in Brazil and Mercosul, by sea and complemented by a road tip for door-to-door services, as well as port handling and cargo storage through maritime terminals and land intermodals.

Nautilus Labs has hubs in New York, Singapore, London, Paris, Athens, and Bangalore, and is backed by top venture capital firms and investors, like the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund and M12.