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Podcast: Maritime in Minutes - February 2023

The latest episode of Maritime in Minutes features nuclear powered shipping, Maersk’s integrator ambitions, seafarer abandonment, emissions and environmental regulations, and much more.

Seatrade Maritime News Editor, Marcus Hand, and Europe Editor, Gary Howard, discuss and comment on the stories that stood out on Seatrade Maritime News during the last month a short, but busy, February.

In this episode Marcus and Gary discuss –

  • The economics of nuclear-powered retrofits
  • The record LNG carrier orderbook
  • Seafarer abandonment
  • Addressing sexual assault in shipping
  • Maersk’s integrator journey
  • ICS’ latest CO2 levy fund proposal
  • Is the IMO’s CII regulation really that bad?
  • Reducing problem fixing for freight forwarders
  • 2023 P&I renewals going down to the wire

You can hear about all these stories and much more by listening now to the latest episode of Maritime in Minutes  in the player above or on the app of your choice.

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Links to stories featured in this episode

Nuclear retrofits technically feasible, economically impractical

Record orderbook set to drive unprecedented LNG fleet growth

Sexual assault is ‘the elephant in the room’ for shipping

How far is Maersk on its journey to become an integrator?

Maersk books $30.9bn profit for 2022, expects at least 84% drop this year

ICS renews call for ‘Fund and Reward’ CO2 levy

Container price war underway, contract rates plummeting

CII is unfair to all ships: Union of Greek Shipowners

Freight forwarders spend 80% of their time fixing problems

Last-minute dash for P&I renewals as 20 Feb noon deadline strikes

Crewing key to sustainable growth in ship management