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Unifeeder goes all in on ZeroNorth optimisation

Unifeeder Unifeeder_Vessel.jpeg
Shortsea shipping company Unifeeder has signed a three-year deal to adopt the full suite of ZeroNorth optimisation services.

On top of ZeroNorth’s vessel, voyage and emissions optimisations, the agreement includes bunker optimisation from ClearLynx, a company ZeroNorth acquired earlier this year.

The technology will be rolled out to 90 Unifeeder vessels, offering decision making support to staff at sea and on shore; weather routing helps to improve voyage planning and along with bunker, vessel and emissions optimisation aim to improve fuel efficiency, cut emissions and improve earnings.

ZeroNorth called the agreemented a milestone in its foray in the ambitions in the container space where it has expansion ambitions.

Jesper Bo Hansen, Chief Revenue Office at ZeroNorth, said: “In Unifeeder, we are gaining a partner that understands the urgency of the climate emergency and our mission to make global trade green, as well as the role that digital solutions can play to reduce the environmental impact of maritime operations whilst improving earnings.”

Martin Gaard Christiansen, Chief Commercial Officer at Unifeeder A/S, said: “We recognise that it is a key strategic priority to be able to connect vessel, voyage, and bunker processes to maximise our fuel efficiency and reduce our carbon emissions.

“Our green agenda includes setting efficiency targets and limiting bunker consumption to reduce our overall emission levels by 50% per container by 2040; an ambitious goal that we will be able to achieve by optimising efficiency across our operations with the support of industry-leading advanced digital technologies.

“After extensive market research, we found that ZeroNorth is ahead of others with regards to their sustainability features, especially CII analytics.”

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