How on earth did they manage that?

Maritime professionals and interested onlookers will have been equally astonished at the recent pictures following the curious collision off Corsica, with the Tunisian ro-ro ferry Ulysse buried up to her bridge in the side of the containership CLS Virginia. A universal question, asked by everyone, would have been – “How on earth did they manage to do that?”

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IMO’s regulation making processes need improvement: Hinchliffe

While the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has made strides in better regulating the shipping industry, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) secretary-general Peter Hinchliffe said there are still shortcomings in the way the United Nations agency in charge of shipping comes up with regulations.

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Making ECDIS compliance easier

Cybersecurity threats at sea are not much different to those onshore and yet onboard electronic systems such as ECDIS have not always kept up even though it is important to do so.

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Simple steps to improve cyber security on ECDIS

The cyber security risks to ECDIS navigation systems, many of which run on old, and unsupported operating systems, are well known, and ABS director of cyber security Paul Walters offers some very simple advice on how to help keep them safe.

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