How on earth did they manage that?

Maritime professionals and interested onlookers will have been equally astonished at the recent pictures following the curious collision off Corsica, with the Tunisian ro-ro ferry Ulysse buried up to her bridge in the side of the containership CLS Virginia. A universal question, asked by everyone, would have been – “How on earth did they manage to do that?”

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Navtor, WNI to work towards AI routing service

Global e-navigation leader Navtor will work with Weathernews Inc (WNI), the world's largest private weather service company, to boost its NavStation route planning software while ultimately working with the Japanese-headquartered firm to potentially develop the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) routing service.

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The role of the watchkeeper in the days of E-navigation

Navigators of a certain age, who sailed with decent companies under respectable flags, were brought up with the golden rule that “keeping a good look-out” was the absolute priority for the hours they were on the bridge. There was nothing more important, because the sea always had the capacity to surprise the person whose brain had gone into neutral.

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