Port state control

USCG report confirms Liberia Ship Registry’s PSC record

The Liberian Registry continues to improve its Port State Control (PSC) performance year after year, and currently has the fourth most vessels of any flag state enrolled in the USCG’s Qualship 21 programme. It has also seen a 62% reduction in vessel detentions in the US over the past three years and, for the fifteenth year in a row, is not among those flags targeted by the US Coast Guard (USCG), the Liberian Registry said in a statement.

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The dawn of the age of the onboard ‘Compliance Officer’?

It might seem daft to even suggest it, but the day could be approaching when every ship will have to employ, as an important member of her crew, a “Compliance Officer”. Every year brings with it a shoal of new regulations, many of which will not be simple to implement, but will be subject to interpretation, or, in the weasel words of the regulator - “to the satisfaction of the administration”.

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Panama seeks to be an observer on the Tokyo MoU

Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) Administrator Jorge Barakat during a visit to Japan, formally aksed the Tokyo MoU to accept Panama as an observer member of the Memorandum Asia Pacific, which keeps Panama on the White List.

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