High sulphur fuel availability hit by IMO 2020 preparations

Bunker vessels that handle heavy fuel oil (HFO) have already started cleaning their tanks in preparation for IMO 2020, meaning that high sulphur fuel is already decreasing in availability according to ADNOC Logistics & Services, while the debate over fitting scrubbers rages on. Read More

Future-proof and cost-saving flexibility for closed-loop scrubbing with PureSOx

Marine businesses are focused on complying with today’s needs at minimal cost, which explains the popularity of open-loop scrubber systems. But the appearance of local bans on open-loop scrubbing have intensified the interest in hybrid scrubber solutions with closed-loop functionality. Simply put, there is peace of mind in the ability to upgrade. Read More

More scrubbers or more vessels? Maybe both

In spite of the ‘Dog Days’ of summer, second quarter earnings reports from listed companies are in season; unfortunately, they reveal the cooled down and generally chilled nature of investor attitudes regarding the sector. Read More

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