Video: DP World delivering smarter trade solutions for a better world

DP World enables smart trade solutions to unlock greater performance and efficiency for our customers, DP World provides innovative trade facilitation systems, develops unique port-centric logistics for import or export supply chains, and implements state-of-the-art technologies across our portfolio.

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CrimsonLogic set for growth as PSA takes majority stake

PSA International has become the majority shareholder of Singapore-based trade facilitation services provider CrimsonLogic through an additional subscription of shares and share purchase from fellow Singapore government linked company Enterprise Singapore Holdings.

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Maersk, avocados and the global trade paperchase

Avocados have been making the headlines recently. Is ‘avocado hand’ the most middle-class injury ever? Should avocados carry a warning label for people who can’t be trusted with a knife? Does always having avocados in the fridge define you as middle class? Who’s to blame for the Great Avocado Shortage?

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