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AI not just hype and will be transformative

Photo: Marcus Hand Que-Tran-DP-World.jpg
AI has had its iPhone moment in the last 12 – 24 months but beyond the hype DP World believe it will be transformative in the ports and logistics sector.

Que Tran, Vice President – Technology for DP World, told the Plenary Session at TOC Europe that it was generative AI such Chat GPT that had really brought AI to the forefront. “I would say there has probably been the iPhone moment of adoption.”

But the question is will the hype transform into real business use. In his introductory remarks Paul Gallie, Owner and Managing Director of PSL Advisers, noted that two years ago people were speaking about blockchain but they don’t talk about it anymore.

 Tran commented that some things were still happening in the background and blockchain would have its use cases but it had pretty much reached roadblock in ports and logistics. By contrast Tran said he believed AI was “generally transformative”.

AI has great capabilities when it comes to automating processes and dealing with vast volumes of data. Tran noted that of all the data generated in the sector only 3% of was come back to at a later stage after the first time it was generated. “Something like AI can definitely help in that respect,” he said.

“We've been looking at AI for quite some time now in the world, in the development of our technology suite, and particularly our cargo suites,” he explained. For cargo data can be combined from multiple sources to provide real time visibility, and it can also automate consolidation of vertical documents from multiple industry providers,

Addressing the fear that AI is a displacing technology that will take people’s jobs Tran said, “We really need to look at as an enabling or complimenting technology.” It’s how it can help people, the industry, and operations work better where Tran sees as the true value in AI.