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Aker acquires R&D company Prototech

Aker has announced that Aker Capital has acquired the Norwegian technology and research and development (R&D) company Prototech.

The acquisition provides access to a portfolio of industrial technology solutions and R&D capabilities that underpin Aker’s strategic development in the energy transition.

“Prototech has an impressive portfolio of technologies and expertise that need both capital and active ownership to realize their full potential”, said Øyvind Eriksen, Aker President and CEO.

“Aker has been developing knowledge-based industry for 180 years. There is no shortage of exciting ideas, research, and technology developments happening all over Norway. Identifying and developing interesting companies and investment opportunities is an essential part of the work to drive Aker’s value creation over time.

“Prototech has R&D capabilities and solutions that we believe can play an important role in Aker’s long-term development,” he added.

Over the last 30 years, Prototech has developed into a R&D and technology company with expertise and a broad portfolio within space applications, new energy systems, and technologies for the offshore and maritime sectors.

“Prototech has a long and proud history developing technology for Space and Ocean Space. Our energy solutions are maturing and can potentially make a real difference in the zero-carbon economy. To succeed we need industrial ownership to accelerate our development and provide capital for growth. Aker is the perfect owner for Prototech going forward, and we are very happy to become part of the family”, said Bernt Skeie, CEO at Prototech.

Aker has acquired 100% of the company from NORCE, one of Norway’s largest independent research institutes owned by several leading Norwegian universities., As part of the transaction, a new Board of Directors will be constituted, which will include Prototech’s current employee-elected Directors.

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