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ZIM setting up cybersecurity firm

ZIM is joining with Konfidas to set up a cybersecurity consulting company ZKCyberStar.

The move by ZIM targets the growing threat of cybercrime in the maritime industries which has been magnified move to digitalisation driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. ZIM said ZKCyberStar will offer a suite of cybersecurity services tailored for the maritime industries.

Eli Glickman, ZIM president & ceo, said: “In recent years, I was approached by global companies seeking advice regarding cyber threats, and I have decided to create ZKCyberStar to support and advise organizations in our industry, using our long-standing cooperative relationship with the top cybersecurity expert team of Konfidas.

“With the creation of ZKCyberStar, we join forces to offer the most advanced and skilled services to cope with cyber threats and mitigate the risks and costly impact of cyber-attacks.”

The new cybersecurity company will be led by Ronen Meroz as ceo, currently ZIM global intermodal division manager. He is joined by cybersecurity expert Ram Levi and Eli Zilberman Caspi, co-founder and coo of Konfidas.

Ram Levi, Konfidas founder & ceo said: “The maritime and logistics industries have witnessed an unprecedented rise in cyber-attacks in recent years. Those attacks serve as a wake-up call for an industry which is critical to modern trade and commerce. As we move towards heavily networked and increasingly automated systems, cybersecurity must be a top priority.

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