China merchants industry ccs rina.jpg Photo: CCS

China Merchants Industry, CCS and RINA to work on developing new fuels

China Merchants Industry, CCS and RINA have signed agreement on new energy technology cooperation for ships at China Merchants Industry’s Shanghai office.

According to the agreement, the three parities will jointly research and develop hydrogen energy and ammonia energy for marine sector, establish extensive cooperation on the new energy technology application and related markets.

China Merchants Industry had made process on LNG fuel, dual fuel energy and other sectors in recent years, the hydrogen energy will become crucial in the coming future, said Wu Sichuan, deputy general manager of China Merchants Industry.

“The cooperation between China Merchants Industry and RINA covers several ship types. RINA’s research and development lab carried out a lot of research on greenhouse gas emission reduction, especially on hydrogen energy, which will be further applied on the cooperation this time,” said Paolo Moretti, ceo of RINA Services.

CCS has already issued application guidance on hydrogen fuel for ship and started research on ammonia fuel. “The signing of the agreement will bring a win-win opportunity for three parties on new energy application technology,” said Sun Feng, deputy president of CCS.

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