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Naghi Marine Company leading the way in marine construction and services

In an interview with Seatrade Maritime, Sheikh Yousef Saleh Naghi, Chairman of Naghi Marine Company, discusses the company's growth plans, its commitment to safety and quality, and its preparations for a low-carbon future. He also shares his personal commitment to the sea and his vision for Naghi Marine to be a leader in sustainable marine operations.

Seatrade Maritime: Where is Naghi Marine seeing the most growth for its business?

Sheikh Yousef Saleh Naghi: Thanks to our great Crown Prince’s vision, we are witnessing tremendous growth in marine construction because of Neom and the Red Sea development.

We have a marine construction sector in our company, and we also have the marine service sector. So, one sector provides services to the other, and we are really witnessing growth in both.

SM: What fleet expansion plans does the company have?

Sheikh Yousef Saleh Naghi: We are currently planning to build new vessels such as tugboats, pilot boats and we are looking at what else do we need to add to our fleet. We always try to expand not only our fleet but our solutions and technologies. And the most important thing for us is that we are pioneers in that and exclusive in our services.

SM: How does Naghi Marine maintain the safety and quality of its operations?

Sheikh Yousef Saleh Naghi: By hiring the best safety people there is and by training and getting the latest safety procedures and protocols done for the whole team.

SM: How is Naghi Marine planning for low and zero-carbon operations in future?

Sheikh Yousef Saleh Naghi: My father had an individual commitment to the sea. We used to go to clean the beaches on the weekends as this was one of his hobbies. So, it’s a personal obligation.

We are trying to be zero-emission, but of course today, it's not that completely possible. Once the technology of green energy is efficient and sufficient, we will of course try to make all of our assets and fleet green.

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