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Seatrade Maritime Global Ports Report 2024

Seatrade Maritime Seatrade Maritime Global Ports Report 2024
This special report explores how global ports are navigating today's complex challenges, including adapting to crises, investing in green technologies and building resilience against climate change.

From the immediate disruptions of exceptional crises like the Red Sea blockage to the challenges of climate change, ports are on the frontlines of a rapidly changing world. This comprehensive report delves into the critical issues shaping the future of these vital hubs and explores the innovative strategies ports are deploying to thrive.

Inside we cover:

Drewry Analysis: Insights on the resilience of the container terminal sector amidst global uncertainties, emphasising challenges like the Red Sea crisis, and the strategic adaptations by terminal operators.

Future Investment: Highlights investment trends in major ports like Rotterdam, focusing on infrastructure upgrades, sustainability projects, and the readiness to adapt to changing economic and environmental factors.

Rising Tides: An analysis of the impact of climate change on ports, including the challenges of sea-level rise and the need for ports to enhance their resilience against climatic and geophysical threats.

Cyber Security: Discusses the increasing focus on cybersecurity within ports, detailing initiatives like the U.S.'s strategic measures to secure ports' digital infrastructure and operations against cyber threats.

AI and Harbour Operations: Explores the integration of AI in managing harbour operations, improving efficiency, and reducing operational costs through advanced data analytics and automation.

Caring for Seafarers in Port: An examination of the services provided to seafarers during port calls and the challenges they face in accessing these services, with insights from The Mission to Seafarers.

IAPH Environmental Standards: Details the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) and its role in incentivising ships to exceed the minimum environmental standards, with a focus on emissions reductions and sustainability initiatives.

Port Safety Data: Discusses the increase in Port State Control (PSC) detentions, highlighting the need for enhanced safety measures and data transparency within ports to mitigate risks.

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Make sure you pick-up a hard copy of the report at our upcoming event TOC Europe in Rotterdam.