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Can shipping hit IMO 2030 emission target? – reader poll result

Photo: IMO Nation state flags fly at IMO building
The IMO’s GHG emission targets have been criticised for not being ambitious enough but on the other hand some believe the shipping industry will not reach its 2030 target.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a target of a 20% reduction in total GHG emissions by 2030, striving for 30% but there are doubts from some that the industry can meet this ambition.

Speaking at a media briefing in April IMO Secretary-General Arsenio Dominguez expressed confidence that shipping would hit the 2030 target, the first of two checkpoints leading to an ambition of net zero emissions at or around 2050.

We decided to see if Seatrade Maritime News readers shared Dominguez’s optimism in our most recent monthly poll run both on and our LinkedIn channel.

The majority – 58% - were negative on the industry’s chances of meeting the 2030 target. Some 17% thought the industry definitely would not meet the target while a further 41% thought it was unlikely.


Of the 42% of respondents who were more positive on the industry’s chances of hitting the 2030 target only 11% thought shipping would definitely be able to do so. The other 31% believed the industry would meet the target but only with more investment in efficiency and alternative fuels.

Clearly readers believe more work needs to be done for the shipping industry to meet the IMO’s 2030 targets and we plan to revisit opinions as the deadline draws closer.