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Live from Marintec China

Enhancing digitalisation and robotics in shipbuilding

Photo: Katherine Si Hu Keyi technology chief CSSC Jiangnan
Hu Keyi, Technology Chief of CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard, emphasizes the importance of digitalisation in shipbuilding and offshoring engineering at Marintec China in Shanghai.

The marine industry needs innovation and transformation for product and process innovation, decarbonization,as well as digital plus smart technology, to achieve sustaining innovation for a net-zero carbon environment enabled by a digital ecosystem.

“As we evaluate the role these advance technologies could potentially play in the industry and how we can support their implementation, we recognize that they fit into three key areas that reflect boarder industry trends. The areas of digitalisation, applied research and the clean energy transition encompass several technologies poised to revolutionize marine and offshore industries, said Hu.

Digitalisation has been well demonstrated by Jiangnan shipyard in the concept, approach and implementation of process innovation, especially the process innovation enabled Jiangnan Shipyard to forward world’s leading shipyard. 

Hu explained that Jiangnan is working on robot technology in the process of shipbuilding project via two possible approaches of duplicate craftsman and implant know-how into machine. “Even though the utilisation of robots is at an early and practice stage, it is still worth further development to reduce workforce cost and improve efficiency. However, we do not expect a mass application of robotics during the whole shipbuilding process,” Hu told Seatrade Maritime News

Speaking about green fuel of vessels, Hu expressed the opinion although the ammonia is emerging fast in recent years to be considered as the fuel of vessels, but he could not say it would be the best option for now, as the whole industry supply chain needs to provide a safe and practical solution to use it on the ship, such as the engine manufacturer, the ammonia producer, etc. Also different regions worldwide need a common standard to define “green ammonia” which would require more joint collaborations from industry players.