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3D Bird View System, Berthing Aid System, Planning Station with NAPA integration, Risk Visualizer™,

Furuno unveils new solutions to realize the World’s First Autonomous Ship by 2025.

During the SMM in Hamburg, Furuno introduced comprehensive solutions and services for the marine industry including Augmented Reality Assisted Navigation System ENVISION, Remote Monitoring Service HermAce, Prototype Touchscreen Planning Station, and new amazing solutions and technologies that bring the maritime world one step closer to the realization of the first FULLY AUTONOMOUS SHIP.


3D Bird View System


3D Bird View uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to display the information needed for safe ship navigation, providing a spatial vision support (3rd person view) to mariners.

In addition to chart information, and using a combination of data from Radar, AIS information, risk of collision areas, etc., it displays a 3D bird's eye view of the space around the vessel. The height and angle of the bird's-eye view can be freely adjusted, so that the situation around your vessel can be monitored from all angles.

Check the official video here: 

Berthing Aid System


Accidents often occur when large ships dock and leave the quay. This is due to the fact that seafarers have a lot of tasks to perform when maneuvering a ship and that the success of such maneuvers relies mainly on experience and intuition. The aim of the "Berthing Aid System" is to facilitate and improve the safety of berthing maneuvers by using sensors that measure the distance between the quay and the ship.

Check the official video here: 

Action Planning Unit


The Action Planning Unit is a central element of the automatic navigation system Furuno is currently developing to realize fully autonomous ships: the APExS-auto (Action Planning and Execution System for full autonomy) concept*.

This unit integrates data from a multitude of different sensors to collect information accurately and identify objects around the vessel, detecting any potential risk of collision. Based on the information obtained, the Action Planning Unit calculates the best route and readjusts the course to take to avoid a collision.

Check the official video here:

Risk Visualizer


In extremely busy waters (such as ports entrances and exits), all vessels have to make a continuous effort to watch out for other vessels in the vicinity in order to avoid a collision. Furuno Risk Visualizer™ is an innovative technology that significantly reduces the risk of collision by alerting the user to potential collision areas with colored indications. This technology is based on an advanced algorithm that has studied and analyzed numerous data samples from real maneuvers and navigation data, provided by operators and navigators to obtain highly reliable predictions.

Check the official video here:

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