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Cosco Shipping and OOCL put forward shore power proposal

Photo: Cosco Shipping Lines cosco shipping lines_.jpg
Cosco Shipping Lines, Cosco Shipping Ports and OOCL are jointly launching initiative to promote the use of shore power as part of developing a green and low-carbon shipping industry.

In order to achieve the goals of "carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality", fulfill the new requirements of the International Maritime Organization's MARPOL Convention relating to the "International Shipping Regulations on Carbon Intensity", reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vessels at berth, build a green and low-carbon supply chain, and protect the earth's ecological environment, we are proactively and vigorously promoting the use of shore power by vessels at berth, said Cosco Shipping Ports.

The three parties call on peers in the ports and shipping industries to adopt the following initiatives:

Port operators should proactively promote the construction of shore power supply facilities, ensure their smooth operation, and optimise berth planning in order to provide shore power services to vessels at berth.

Shipping liners should actively promote the installation of shore power reception facilities on board, and keep in contact with the port operators for striving to use shore power supply service, to ensure the smooth operation of shore power reception facilities during berthing.

Both port operators and shipping liners should communicate and cooperate closely with each other, strictly follow the technical specifications and standard operating procedures when connecting and disconnecting shore power, and ensure the safety of personnel, ship equipment, and shore power facilities.