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WindWings for Berge Bulk and MC Shipping take shape

WindWings WindWings - Tilt table production
BAR Technologies has completed the first cut steelwork for the first production run of its WindWings propulsion system.

Yara Marine Technologies and BAR Technologies released an updated on the production of the sails as they prepare for the installation of four WindWings on Berge Olympus and two on Pyxis Ocean in the first half of 2023.

Yara claims the WindWings will save around 1.5 tonnes of fuel or 4.7 tonnes of CO2 per wing per day on an average route for a vessel burning heavy fuel oil.

Production of the systems is currently focused on the main spar elements and the tilt mechanism, and the companies released pictures of the pieces under construction.

WindWingsMain spar

Main spar

“Berge Bulk’s decision to equip its Newcastlemax bulker Berge Olympus with four WindWings shows that wind-assisted propulsion is one of the key technologies in their transition strategy towards Net Zero. We are very proud to support our customer in reducing the emissions from Berge Olympus by 19 tonnes of CO2 per day on an average route. This is a major result for decarbonisation of this bulk carrier,” said Thomas Koniordos, CEO at Yara Marine Technologies.

WindWings - Tilt table inspection.jpg

Alongside manufacturing the main spar, progress is also being made on the tilt mechanism that allows the WindWings to be stowed to navigate under structures, during dockside operations and whenever else necessary.

“The failure of COP27 to reach consensus on phasing down fossil fuels has reminded us of the imperative to keep innovating at an industry level in order to reach our goals for decarbonising global bulk shipping,” said John Cooper, CEO at BAR Technologies.

“However, with the CII regulations set to come into force in January 2023, vessel owners are not in a position to just do nothing – they must have a plan for emissions and manage this planning within set deadlines.”