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Cyber-security - How safe are your ships?

Cyber-security - How safe are your ships?
As IT and communications systems in shipping become ever more complex the issue of cyber-security is becoming a serious concern to the maritime industries.

Both industry organisations and private security providers have highlighted the risks that the shipping industry now faces.

The world’s largest shipping association Bimco will be focusing on the issue at its annual conference. Aron Sørensen, head of Bimco’s marine department commented “Two years ago, cyber security was just not on the radar for the shipping industry. Since then, we have seen global corporate brands – including Sony – hit the headlines when they fell victim to cyber attacks.”

ESC Global Security head of cyber security Joseph Carson warned in a statement: “New technologies, increasing automation and the inevitability of the autonomous ship will make shipping more efficient but such developments come with serious cyber threats.

“Critical systems could be prevented from functioning, resulting in collision, pollution and environmental damage, and possibly the ship being redirected.”

So how safe are your ships and systems?

The Cyber Security Assessment is a new interactive online tool to assess how vulnerable your business is to hacks and breaches.

Take the short assessment and receive a personalised scorecard to see how you measure up on the five key criteria: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover.

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