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Most read Dispatches on Seatrade Global in 2013

Most read Dispatches on Seatrade Global in 2013
Since Seatrade Global launched at the end of February 2013 we have published over 180 exclusive analytical features from our correspondents and editors around the world under the name Dispatches. It has proved to be a highly popular feature providing readers with analysis of the major shipping and maritime stories around the globe.

Topping the interest of readers has been container shipping both in terms of safety and alliances. Below we bring you the top 10 most read Dispatches of the year.

The most read Dispatch of the year was on the MOL Comfort and the implications on the wider shipping of a modern container vessel splitting in two in heavy weather in the Indian Ocean.

1 – The MOL Comfort sinking and its wider industry concerns

 Container shipping also managed to lock out the number two slot with a look at the potential impact of the formation of the P3 alliance.

 2 – Will the P3 Network be a game changer of container shipping?

 Greek shipowners continue to be a dominating force in world shipping and it was no surprise to see them taking the third and four places.

 3 – Angelicoussis tops Greek shipowners

 Meanwhile the woes of shipowner Victor Restis over Iran sanction busted, prior to his arrest for alleged embezzlement was the fourth most read.

 4 – Victor Restis refutes Iranian business links

 Container shipping safety reared its head again in the fifth most read dispatch on boxship fires and overweight containers, seen as a possible factor in the MOL Comfort casualty.

 5 – A burning issue: boxship fires and overweight containers

 The sixth most read dispatch took us into very much colder territory but with a hot topic, the complexities of shipping via the Arctic.

 6 – Why shipping via the Arctic is not so easy

 Moving to somewhat warmer climes was a great deal of interest in the UK’s first major new port development a long time: London Gateway as it snagged its first customer ahead of opening.

 7 – The London Gateway shake-up begins

The eighth story on our list perhaps attracted attention due to its whacky headline and a bizarre picture of Scorpio Tankers Robert Bugbee dressed in a Sergeant Pepper’s costume.

 8 – Black swans, zombie companies and higher capesize rates

The long discussed issue of standards of private armed security teams on ships was the ninth most read dispatch of the year.

9 – At last, an accepted standard for maritime security

 Last on the top 10 list related to seafarers and the problems of the Philippines with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) STCW audit.

10 – The Philippines, EMSA STCW audits and what happens next

Among the topics really catching our readers interest this year are those on numbers 11 to 20:

11 – Ardmore Shipping IPO shows the way forward for private equity

12 – Is Arctic shipping Russia’s answer to the Suez Canal

13 – MRV: a way forward on emissions reduction

14 – Dry bulk, a deep pocketed private equity play by Wilbur Ross

15 – As rates crumble, where next for container lines?

16 – First Ship Lease and the slow demise of shipping trusts

17 – Somalia private coastguard spat and the fight against piracy

18 – US LNG export race heats up

19 – No steaming

20 – Greek shipowners on fundraising binge