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ABB launches new turbocharger manufacturing base in Chongqing

ABB launches new turbocharger manufacturing base in Chongqing

Chongqing: ABB, the leading power and automation technology group inaugurated a brand new turbocharger manufacturing base in Degan Industrial Park, Chongqing this week, localizing and producing latest turbocharging products which can improve diesel engine output by 300% and increase fuel efficiency by 10%.
This new facility of ABB Jiangjin Turbo System Co. Ltd., occupying a total land area of 73,000 m2 and a building space of 21,000 m2, is three times bigger than its old site. It is one of the three global turbocharging manufacturing bases of ABB, who is the No. one supplier with over 30% market share of turbochargers of 500 kW and above, focusing to support customers in marine, railway and power plant areas.
Ulrich Birch, head of ABB Turbocharging in China said, "the new facility, allowing us to localize the very latest turbocharger technology which already fulfills future emission and efficiency standards, will enable ABB Jiangjin Turbo Systems to further spread its wings."
The new manufacturing base houses advanced facilities, including fully air-conditioned workshops, advanced manufacturing machinery, energy saving and rainwater collection facilities, will not only improve product quality and working efficiency, but will also cut more than 35% energy consumption and 10,000 tons of water consumption each year, compared with conventional buildings.
The new site will allow ABB to initiate local production of many of its product series, including the TPS, TPL and TPR which are three mainstream product series and enjoy great popularity around the world. ABB's latest A100 series is expected to be brought into local production in the new site, which will be a significant step in the development of single-stage, high-efficiency, high-pressure turbocharging systems and will set a new industry standard with highest compression ratios for modern diesel and gas engines.
ABB has built a strong presence in Chongqing, with 1600 employees, two joint venture companies including ABB Jiangjin Turbo System and ABB Chongqing Transformers, one branch office and one process automation service centre. [27/08/09]

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