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Al Qaeda link confirmed for M Star VLCC attack

Al Qaeda link confirmed for M Star VLCC attack

Oman: The US Department of Transport has confirmed that the group Brigades of Abdullah Azzam was responsible for the attack on MOL VLCC M Star in the Strait of Hormuz in late July. The group is said to have links to Al Qaeda and is said to be a continuing threat to vessels transiting the region.

"Government and industry sources can confirm that the claim by the Abdullah Azzam Brigades (aab) that the group had attacked the tanker M Star is valid," the Maritime Administration sector of the US Department of Transportation. "The group remains active and can conduct further attacks on vessels in areas in the Strait of Hormuz, Southern Arabian Gulf and Western Gulf of Oman."

The agency has recommended that "all ships transiting the subject waters exercise increased vigilance and caution, particularly during night transits with increased monitoring of small vessel/boat activity."

The incident, which left a large dent in the hull of the VLCC and damaged the accommodation block injuring a crew member, was claimed to be the work of a suicide bomber from the group. At the time, the terrorist group released the statement: "In a blessed episode of our Jihad in the name of God and in order to weaken the global infidel network, a battalion from our Jihadi brethrens managed to carry out an operation in order to strike an economic blow to the infidels."
The group previously claimed responsibility for the Pearl Continental Hotel bombing in Peshwar, Pakistan in June 2009.  [26/11/10]