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Chevron Marine Lubricants launches 2020-ready lubricant range

As the run-up to stricter sulphur emissions standards continues Chevron Marine Lubricants has developed a new range of cylinder lubricants compatible with virtually all available global sulphur cap 2020 compliance options as the operation of vessels in a multi-fuel future becomes a fast-approaching reality.

Lubricants are essential to the smooth operation and service life of propulsion machinery, but their optimal use is highly dependent on fuel sulphur content. A diversified marine fuel mix demands tailoring lubricant selection to fuel sulphur content to ensure compatibility with fuels bunkered across a fleet.

The Taro Ultra range of lubricants delivers the same high performance and protection expected from Chevron’s Taro engine lubricants, with the added benefit of being compatible with almost all engines, marine bunker fuels and abatement technologies. The new range will be phased in throughout 2019.

The full range of Taro Ultra products cover the needs of the vast majority of vessel owners. Specifically developed by Chevron Marine Lubricants to help ship owners and operators maintain efficient operations before and after the 2020 global sulphur cap implementation, Taro Ultra products support the industry’s transition to fuel sulphur constricted operations from 2020.

As lube companies gear up for the impact of the 2020 sulphur cap competitor Total Lubmarine is set to come out with a new range of products by 2019, while it already has its existing Talusia range that caters to the current needs.

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Talking about its new range Chevron Marine Lubricants gm Chia Yoo Soon said, “A key driver for launching Taro Ultra is to ensure the product availability and the flexibility to meet the demands of the changing sulphur global landscape, recognising the need for more diverse fuel options we expect to be available both now and post-2020. This enables customers to make clear and concise choices that suit their unique operating requirements, ensuring the right products are available in the right places."

“We are performing a rigorous and extensive programme of field testing with leading OEMs, demonstrating the strong performance of our lubricant offering. In addition to our trusted supply network, we are delivering the reassurance and supply security our customers need during the transition,” said Luc Verbeeke, senior product development engineer at Chevron Marine Lubricants.

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