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COSCO Shipping Ports in electronic port supply chain platform tie-up

COSCO Shipping Ports (CSP) is tying up with powerful partners to develop a terminal extended services and port supply chain platform.

The top container port operator has signed a cooperation memorandum of understanding with GLP China Holdings (GLP) and Eshipping Global Supply Chain Management (Shenzhen) Company (Eshipping) to form a strategic partnership. Cooperation of the three parties will begin in China at CSP’s terminals and gradually expand into its global network. 

China COSCO Shipping Corporation deputy gm, and CSP and Eshipping chairman Huang Xiaowen said: “The development of terminal extended services and port supply chain platform will be a new growth driver for COSCO Shipping Ports and the company will put great effort in it. We are happy to form a long term strategic partnership with GLP. We believe integrating the complementary synergies within China COSCO Shipping and the strengths and resources of external leading corporations, should help speed up the market development and provide clients with more effective and high efficiency full supply chain services by forming a seamless connection of “sea”, “terminal and terminal extended area” and “supply chain services.” 

CSP vice-chairman and md Zhang Wei added that “COSCO Shipping Ports is diversifying its business to further enhance its profitability by shifting from relying on traditional organic growth to more innovative inorganic growth; and moving from focusing on terminal resources control to comprehensive deployment of port resources. By partnering with GLP and with its experience in logistics development and operation, CSP can better utilize its existing terminals and land outside the terminals, and create a new business model and value beyond the limits of traditional seaborne logistics”.

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Zhang noted that teaming up with China COSCO Shipping’s e-commerce supply chain management platform Eshipping to integrate upstream and downstream resources along the supply chain with integrated warehousing solutions would also enhance CSP’s supply chain services.

GLP China vice-chairman Teresa Zhuge said: “We are delighted to establish this partnership with CSP and Eshipping. The creation of this strategic platform will enhance our cooperation in development and operation of port and logistics infrastructure as well as integrated supply chain solution. This partnership leverages all three parties’ strengths, enhancing the logistics ecosystem.”

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