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Most containers on deck of MOL Comfort "burnt out"

Most containers on deck of MOL Comfort "burnt out"
The blaze aboard the fore section of the MOL Comfort remains unabated for a fifth day, with the company reporting that “observations show that most of the containers on deck have been burnt out”.

A tugboat, two rescue boats, and the Indian Coast Guard patrol boat Samudra Prahari, which arrived on 8 July, have been unable to contain the blaze due to adverse weather conditions.

MOL indicates that integrity of the cargo further down in the hold remains unclear.

The aft section of the vessel sank on 27 June, in water depth of 4,000 m with roughly 1,700 containers onboard.

Six sister vessels of the MOL Comfort, all built at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are being taken out of service for hull strengthening. Lloyd’s Register has been appointed to try and determine the cause of the accident.