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Stellar line up for Seatrade Sustainability Seminar

Stellar line up for Seatrade Sustainability Seminar

Singapore:  Big name speakers are confirmed for one of the highlights of this year's Maritime Week in Singapore, namely the inaugural Seatrade Sustainability Seminar. Delegates are signing up fast for the innovative programme. Dr Glenn Frommer, Sustainability Development Manager at Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway Corporation has agreed to speak, presenting tips for shipping from his firm, the world's most sustainable transportation system.

After his address a host of well known shipping executives will debate the broad topic of sustainability in shipping here on the morning of October 14, followed by a networking lunch.

Shipping may have been slower than other industries to recognise the importance of CSR but it is making up for lost time now. For the new generation of Greek owners, as much as for the more conservative Japanese shipping companies, 'ethical' is the new buzz word.

Our event, hosted by PSA Corporation and sponsored by Lloyd's Register, will be a round table debate chaired by Seatrade's Asia Editor Sam Chambers. Confirmed speakers include Mohammad Souri, chairman & ceo, NITC; Andreas Sohmen-Pao, md of BW Shipping; Jesper Praestensgaard, Chief Executive for Maersk Line Asia-Pacific; Koay Peng Yen, group ceo, IMC Corp; and Arthur Bowring, managing director of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association.

Key areas of debate include:


Too little, too late? Shipping is in the cross hairs of the media for its contribution to global warming. Is the industry doing enough to tackle this or will regulators need to step in? Are SECAs the answer? What should be the global cap on sulphur content?

Ship design:

To be a good corporate citizen in shipping requires looking after your assets from birth to death. Investing in more expensive yet more environmentally friendly ships is not yet mandatory but it may well become so. Some gizmos onboard have been branded as 'greenwashing', others promise a whole new form of cargo transportation. Just how much energy can be saved through groundbreaking maritime technology?


Beaching a rusting thirty-year-old ship on an impoverished Indian slice of coastline is not acceptable. What solutions are at hand for ship recycling?

CSR - Communities:

Shipowners make vast sums transporting raw materials from normally poor places. Should a socially responsible owner give something back to the local community? Are charitable donations enough to be deemed a caring company?

CSR - Employee welfare:

It's not just a PR stunt to ensure your employees at sea are content these days. There is, unquestionably, a coming crunch for capable crews that will affect world shipping. How then to ensure crew happiness, career progression and by extension crew retention in turn ensuring world trade continues to flourish safely?

UN Global Compact:

Is this a viable charter for shipping? Should more firms sign up for it? Many public transport firms have signed a voluntary sustainable charter. Should shipping create its own voluntary code of conduct and what should it include?

More details on the event including the early bird discount can be found here:  [21/7/08]