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Criminal psychology and investigating seafarer deaths

Investigating seafarer deaths and crimes onboard vessels face unique challenges which Mental Health Support Solutions are aiming to address through criminal psychology.

In this latest episode of the Seatrade Maritime Podcast we talk to Julia Opperman and Dr. Charles Watkins of Mental Health Support Solutions (MHSS) about the role criminal psychology can play in investigations in a maritime setting.

In conversation with Seatrade Maritime News Editor Marcus Hand Julia and Charles delve into how MHSS’ new forensic psychology service has the potential to revolutionise the way crimes at sea are investigated.

The also discuss the broader mental health issues facing seafarers and the stigma that continues to be associated with it and developing preventative measures to improve well-being onboard ship.

The conversation then turns to the Red Sea crisis and the impact attacks on shipping by Houthi rebels are having on seafarers and their families what actions can be taken to help.

Listen to the full episode now to learn more about tackling the mental health issues of seafarers.

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