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Battery power ramps up in Northern Europe

Battery power ramps up in Northern Europe
Describing battery power as a “disruptive technology shift” in a marine power context, Rolls-Royce’s head of battery R&D and installation John Roger Nesje says the fast-developing clean power source is attracting the attention of a growing number of owners.

They include ferry firms, offshore vessel owners, coastal ship operators and oil companies, he said. Rolls-Royce, which specialises in system integration and installation of soft- and hardware, is working on an increasingly diverse range of projects for customers which also include a major cruise line and the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA).

Power sourced from batteries can be used in various ways; to supplement main engine power, reduce fuel consumption and cut emissions. Applications include load smoothing, peak shaving and full or part-time power for ferries deployed on short coastal routes.

Onboard the NCA workboat, currently under construction, a fourth engine has been replaced with a battery set. In another application, battery power is being used in a heave-compensated launch and recovery system on an offshore support vessel.

For cruise lines, battery power offers an interesting zero-emission power source in during port calls. As the technology develops, Nesje believes that batteries may well be used to supplement or even replace auxiliary engines on board conventional merchant vessels including tankers and bulk carriers.