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Denmark says sulphur emmissions reduced by 60% in 2015

Denmark says sulphur emmissions reduced by 60% in 2015
The Danish authorities say that sulphur emissions in the country’s coastal waters have been reduced by 60% since the introduction of the 0.1% emission control area (ECA) at the start of the year.

Measurements at Anholt off the Danish coast showed a 60% reduction in SOx in January to May this year compared to the average for 2011 – 2014.

“Sulphur pollution in Denmark has reduced significantly and compliance (with the regulation) is very high,” said Sara Rokpe, head of department for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, at a Sustainable Shipping forum.

While at the same forum Maersk was critical of the 6% non-compliance in inspections the Danish EPA noted the number found with very high emissions over 0.3% was low.

Of 1,443 observations from bridge sniffers just 2% were over 0.3% sulphur, and a similar 2% figure for 407 aircraft observations. Last week saw the first case of infringement to be reported to the police.