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Ecoslops sells first light bitumen refined from fuel residues

Ecoslops sells first light bitumen refined from fuel residues
Ecoslops, which recycles marine fuels from marine oil residues ‘slops), has announced its first sale of light bitumen for the construction industry.

The news follows the 1,000 tonnes of marine diesel oil (MDO) sold back into the market, announced last week, as well as a second shipment of 3,000 tonnes of slops imported to the Port of Sinès for processing.

Ecoslops’ process allows 98% of the oil residue to be upcycled into useful products, having refined the company’s first usable marine fuel in November. The procedure provides a valuable alternative to disposal of residues, which can be costly.

Sold to the construction market local to Ecoslops’ facility in the Port of Sines, Portugal, the light bitumen (XFO) can be used for waterproof and insulating cladding, and replaces the equivalent virgin products.

“This latest step bodes well for our future sales development. This demonstration of our industrial efficiency illustrates the validity of our business model and further increases our confidence in our ability to soon establish new sites,” said Vincent Favier, Ecoslops ceo.